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10 Films That Should Have Ended Ten Minutes Earlier


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10 Films That Should Have Ended Ten Minutes Earlier – Page 4
The film may have none of the original's spark, but at least there was some effort to tell a coherent story. Or there would have been, had Reloaded ended there, with Neo making the decision to do something instead of something else (seriously, what was that scene all about).

10 Films That Should Have Ended Ten Minutes Earlier – Page 2
To fans who are heavily invested in the series then it's a brilliantly emotional ending (hearing Leaving Hogwarts spark up at the end is tear-jerking), but in terms of the film itself it feels rather tacked on.

10 Films That Should Have Ended Ten Minutes Earlier
These movies would have been much better if they'd known when to stop.

What movies could have been improved had they ended 5 - 10 ...
It should've ended about 30 mins sooner than it did when they saved the bus. There is almost an entire other plotline that starts after the bus is stopped. That is the climax of the movie.

5 Great Movies That Should Have Ended 10 Minutes Sooner
In this case, it would have been the best had these great movies ended at least 10 minutes sooner. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 The ending is pretty contentious.

What movie should have ended earlier than it did? • r/movies
Unfriended should have ended ~3 seconds earlier than it did. It should have ended with Blaire having to live with the guilt of what she did to Laura and everyone hating her but instead they had to fit in one last jump-scare and have the ghost (most likely) kill Blaire which was completely unnecessary.

10 Movies That Will have to Have Ended Ten Mins Previous ...
PixarWe are all used to films that really feel too lengthy. The summer time blockbuster season is ruled through them; 90 minute B-Motion pictures inflated to extents that might make Long gone With The Wind glance snappy.

14 movies that should have stopped minutes earlier | Den ...
And talking of Spielberg films that perhaps should have called time just a little earlier... Minority Report For me, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise's collaboration on Minority Report is both excellent, and some distance ahead of their more successful War Of The Worlds movie.