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Danny Rampling explains how a fateful trip to Ibiza sparked the Summer Of Love and changed dance music forever.

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The birth of ACID HOUSE with DANNY RAMPLING - Video ...
Danny Rampling explains how a fateful trip to Ibiza sparked the Summer Of Love and changed dance music forever.Like this? Subscribe!

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UK House talent, DJ, producer Danny Rampling was one of the first Superstar DJs and remains a true pioneer and visionary of the global dance scene. Through his legendary Acid House club Shoom in the 1980s and his Radio shows with BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM, Danny became a catalyst that helped to shape the UK dance scene right from the early days.

Danny Rampling's Guide To Acid House - Ministry of Sound
Danny Rampling @ Shoom, Southwark 1988. Credit: Dave Swindells Shoom Is To Acid House what The Roxy Was To Punk. Shoom was born from that famous Ibiza trip and it had a special energy like all great clubs in that basement. The people, the door management and my energy and excitement as a DJ made Shoom a pivotal pioneer in the Acid House movement.

Danny Rampling on acid house past, present and future ...
Danny Rampling on acid house past ... opening of his club Shoom, Danny Rampling forever changed the country's ... trip to Ibiza and the birth of ...

The 10 best acid house tracks, according to Danny Rampling
Danny Rampling: "Probably the sexiest acid house 303 production, this version was huge at the Fitness Centre. I used to mix up two copies and extend the gated synth breakdown to great dance floor effect.

Danny Rampling - Wikipedia
Danny Rampling is an English house music DJ and is widely credited as one of the original founders of the UK's rave/club scene. His long career began in the early 1980s playing hip-hop, soul and funk around numerous bars and clubs in London. Rampling was the first winner of the No 1 DJ in the World Award by DJ Magazine in 1991 and is a three-time DJ Awards recipient. He has reportedly sold over 1 million compilation albums.

Danny Rampling & Irvine Welsh make Ibiza87 series | News ...
Acid house legend Danny Rampling, along with fellow DJs Paul Oakenfold and Nick Holloway, will help Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh bring Ibiza87 to our screens. In 1987, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Paul Oakenfold went to Ibiza. When they came back, they introduced the UK to Acid House, and the Rave scene was born.

5 acid house clubs that shaped the genre -
Rampling and his wife Jenny threw their first acid house party here in December 1987, calling it Shoom. Carl Cox brought the sound system, and London got its first solid dose of acid house. The defining image of acid house, the yellow smiley face, also originated with Shoom.